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MiniMapCast / MiniDisc January 2022 Update

This is a quick update regarding the Game Spoilers Podcast and the MiniMapCast feeds. Game Spoilers Podcast is being rebranded to MiniDisc and is...

MiniMapCast #88: Game of the Year 2021

At the end of the year, Jeremy and Kerry do their best to recall their favourite moments and games from 2021's stacked catalogue. Games Discussed: Beat...

MiniMapCast #87: With Great Bygones Goes Great Bygones

In this Episode: Jeremy is a "Great" "Astronaut" in Heavenly Bodies, Kerry sleeps with Persona 5, and June reflects on the best scene in...

MiniMapCast #86: Religious Experience in Exo One

In this Episode; Jeremy has a religious experience in Exo One, Kerry has his first taste of VR @ Home, and June has been...

MiniMapCast #85: Terse and Vigorously Expressive

The year is 2021. A new AAA game has been released to show off next-generation hardware. Halo Infinite is... actually good! Jeremy and Kerry...