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This is our weekly podcast where we talk about the wonderful world of video games.

MiniMapCast #74: How Many Times Can We Talk About One Showcase?

This week, Jeremy and Kerry discuss some JRPG-goodness with Tales of Arise and FF XIII, before going on to discuss favourite announcements from the PlayStation Showcase. Games Discussed: Tales of AriseFinal Fantasy XIIIBloodborneWorld FlipperBugsnaxMario Kart 8...

MiniMapCast #73: Cinema Usher Simulator

It's a weird and wonderful week as we discuss our ideal Simulator games, Oregon Trail, and the upcoming PlayStation Showcase. Games Discussed: Destiny 2Dark SoulsOregon TrailIt Takes TwoBloodborne Make sure you head to for the latest...

MiniMapCast #72: I Don’t Give an Oggdo’s Bogdo

Why does Jeremy care so much about Star Wars? And why does he hate Oggdo Bogdo so much? Because he is broken. We find out why, while also discussing how stacked the start of...

MiniMapCast #71: Who Would Help You Out Of A Timeloop?

After discussing first impressions of 12 Minutes, Jeremy and Kerry both reflect on games from 2020 (like Ghost of Tsushima and Hades ), June asks what games you would want to see in VR,...

MiniMapCast #70: Over-Ooomft Games

In this weeks episode, we speak about our time in Back4Blood, Jeremy drunkenly makes progress in Dark Souls and Kerry talks through his hesitation surrounding Persona 5's language. We also share our feelings about...

MiniMapCast #69: How Far Would You Go to Steal Titanfall?

This week, Jeremy is finally playing Dark Souls, we go on a wild ride with June's question of the week, and we learn about hackers trying to steal Titanfall source code. Games Discussed: Dark SoulsApex LegendsTitanfall...

MiniMapCast #68: The Death and Rebirth of Dr. Mario

In this episode, Jeremy explains why his brain is big and old, Kerry compares the highs of PUBG to Apex, and they both share their thoughts on the situation happening over at Fullbright as...

MiniMapCast #67: Solidarity with the #ActiBlizzWalkout

Content Warning for the second half: Talk of Sexual Assault, Harassment, Suicide, Toxic Work Culture. In this episode, Jeremy and Kerry discuss the damning allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault and toxic work culture...

MiniMapCast #65: Did PlayStation Buy Bluepoint?!

After discussing Deep Rock Galactic and Ratchet and Clank, the team tries to discern what exactly PlayStation is doing with Bluepoint Games. Games Discussed: Ratchet and Clank: Rift ApartDeep Rock GalacticApex Legends Make sure you head to...

MiniMapCast #64: What Is Up With Abandoned?!

It was the week after E3, and while there was far less news to talk about, there are plenty of Silent Hills rumours and Halo custom lobby stories to go around. Games Discussed: Ratchet and Clank:...