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This is our weekly podcast where we talk about the wonderful world of video games.

MiniMapCast #84: Was Pokemon Always This Easy?

It's finally time to return to the Sinnoh Region in Pokemon, but... Did they make the game fundamentally too easy?Games Discussed: Pokemon: Brilliant DiamondHalo InfiniteForza Horizon 5Marvel's Avengers If you want to support us, make sure...

MiniMapCast #83: Halo Decided to Kill Battlefield

This is a week in gaming to be remembered. Jeremy and Kerry discuss the magnitude of Halo Infinite's early Multiplayer release and what it means for the release of Battlefield 2042. Games Discussed: Demon's SoulsForza Horizon...

MiniMapCast #82: Let’s Botch a Zoo

It's a chock full week as Jeremy discusses Guardians of the Galaxy and Let's Build a Zoo, while Kerry dives into Animal Crossing's 2.0 Update and the very strange ending of Bugsnax. Games Discussed: The Guardians...

MiniMapCast #81: Super Marry-Me Odyssey

In this episode, Jeremy was wrong about Guardians of the Galaxy, Kerry Returnaled, and June wants to kill Breathe of the Wild. Jeremy also completely bummed everyone out by explaining the great scam that...

MiniMapCast #80: Jeremy Was Right About Nintendo

This week brings the return of June and their question corner! After trying to guess the top 3 rated Switch games on Metacritic, Kerry informs everyone about how rough the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion...

MiniMapCast #79: Nintendo Are Charging How Much?!?

After discussing The Good Life (not The Good Wife), and talking around the subject of the Outer Wilds DLC, Jeremy and Kerry get into the scratching price-point for Nintendo's new online expansion. Games Discussed:  The Good...

MiniMapCast #78: Smash Brother Sora

After discussing the Switch OLED and Metroid Dread, Kerry and Jeremy try to guess if Battlefield 2042 will be successful, before discussing the final Smash Bros character reveal. Games Discussed:  Metroid DreadHot Wheels UnleashedBattlefield 2042 Open...

MiniMapCast #77: Folks, It’s Another Far Cry

In this episode: Kerry talks about his time playing yet another Far Cry game and his new PC, and Jeremy enjoys an impromptu Final Fantasy XIV Concert. Games Discussed:  Far Cry 6Final Fantasy XIVOuter Wilds +...

MiniMapCast #76: Kirby Lore

In this episode, Jeremy talks about his time in Halo Infinite, Kerry shares his memories of Donkey Kong Country, and we share our thoughts on the most recent Nintendo Direct.  Games Discussed: Donkey Kong CountryHalo InfiniteLost...

MiniMapCast #75: How To Cheat at Mathletics

In this episode, Jeremy is well and truly stuck in a Deathloop, Kerry looks for his Lost Judgement, and June asks about our Flash Game memories. We also talk about 12 Minutes with full...