MiniMap is comprised of three friends (June Williams, Jeremy Bratetich and Kerry Palmer) who met while studying Game Design. Through those two years, we each individually expressed interest in writing and producing content about games. Jeremy then created the first group conversation, proposing a collaboration. Seven months later, on Sunday the 11th of June 2018, MiniMap launched! Not just any Sunday mind you, the first day of E3. Because apparently Jeremy had the bright idea of launching a Video Games website during the biggest gaming news week of the year.

More than anything, MiniMap is a home for our work that we can be proud of. That was the whole idea of this site! Nothing makes you want to produce the highest quality work possible, like an open and inviting home for it to live. A place where our podcasts can touch base. A place where our features can breathe and feel like they won’t just sit there idly. A place that is inviting and inclusive for all.