Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days – PAX Aus 2023 Preview


    Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days is a 2.5D Survival horror game. Think State of Decay, meets Little Big Planet (Stay with me here). Into The Dead has been, until now, a mobile exclusive series, but in this fully-fledged PC game, the player chooses a member from their group of survivors to take them scavenging across a 1980s Texas that has been decimated by zombies. The game also has an entire settlement resource management element to the game, but that was not included in the demo I played.

    If you are the kind of person that delights in extremely stressful moments in games, (like me) then you’re gonna have a good time. The levels are structured like little puzzle mazes, with backtracking, locked doors, and environmental obstacles, causing you to spiral through the level while trying to avoid the undead foes. Combating the zombies with a weapon is effective, but with every weapon only having a limited amount of durability, you’ll be armless before you take them all out.

    I learned this the hard way. I was taking out zombies like Daryl Dixon; methodical and comfortable, but once my weapons began to degrade, I suddenly realised that this maths equation ended with the death of my character. Sprinting through the halls of a run-down police station, I entered a dark room with the sudden realisation that this was a dead end. I didn’t make it out.

    This wasn’t game over, however. The game is structured in such a way that if a character dies, the game progresses, provided you have another character to choose from in your group. It was now time for a rescue mission, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that attempting the same level again meant that the zombies I had killed stayed dead. This immediately made the game feel much more cohesive, and the positive reminder of State of Decay popped into my head once more.

    PikPok, the developer and publisher of the game, are taking a big swing with this one. They primarily deal with mobile-focused titles, but seeing them take a crack at a dedicated PC game, has them(and myself) quite excited. Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days is planned to launch into early access in late 2024.