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This week, Jeremy is finally playing Dark Souls, we go on a wild ride with June’s question of the week, and we learn about hackers trying to steal Titanfall source code.

Games Discussed:

  • Dark Souls
  • Apex Legends
  • Titanfall Online
  • Red Dead Redemption

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I grew up being handed the unplugged controller to play with from a very young age, and I was very excited when controllers went wireless so that I could simultaneously go back to my unplugged roots AND play the games at the same time (mind blowing.). Playing with people is what I find most enriching. Whether it's coming 22nd in a round of PUBG because myself and all of my team mates shot each other for fun, playing Smash in a room full of old buddies or streaming it all on Twitch, playing with people is an experience that I cherish.