The Kraken Killers – GameSpoilers Plays Sea of Thieves (Pt.3)

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The crew is getting comfortable on the Sea of Thieves, but darkness awaits to keep them ill at ease…

This is the final part of this first run of GameSpoilers Plays, where we record and show you gameplay moments of the game we have featured on the podcast. Be sure to check watch the previous episodes, and catch our full impressions of the game on the GameSpoilersPodcast, on Minimap and podcast services everywhere.

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VIAVideo recorded and edited by Kerry Palmer
I grew up being handed the unplugged controller to play with from a very young age, and I was very excited when controllers went wireless so that I could simultaneously go back to my unplugged roots AND play the games at the same time (mind blowing.). Playing with people is what I find most enriching. Whether it's coming 22nd in a round of PUBG because myself and all of my team mates shot each other for fun, playing Smash in a room full of old buddies or streaming it all on Twitch, playing with people is an experience that I cherish.