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MiniMapCast #102: Back to The Backlog

This episode goes all over the place! We talk about the first games we'll be tackling from our backlog, while also discussing how games...

MiniMapCast #101: Wii Fix WiiU

Kerry and Jeremy are both delirious this week, as they discuss game streaming, Lego Star Wars, how to retroactively fix the WiiU, and all...

MiniMapCast #100: Remote Era Vs. Bunker Era

It's our 100th episode! And June is back to reminisce with Kerry and Jeremy about where it all began and where we've been. Games played: Lenovo...

MiniMapCast #99: Happy Birthday Kingdom Hearts

Kerry and Jeremy join hands, and, with the power of friendship, try to determine what makes the Kingdom Hearts franchise so special on its...

MiniMapCast #98: Self Committal Games

In this episode, Jeremy wants to KILL CHAOS in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Kerry visits Cocoa Mountain in the Mario Kart 8...

MiniMapCast #97: Moments That Make Electronic 3

In this episode: Kerry has an Elden Ring Check-In, Jeremy explains why F-Zero is called F-Zero, and we share our favourite moments from E3s...

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Final Fantasy VII: Remake – Review

It’s been more than 5 years since the original reveal of Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Long development times are usually a sign of a...

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