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MiniMapCast #83: Halo Decided to Kill Battlefield

This is a week in gaming to be remembered. Jeremy and Kerry discuss the magnitude of Halo Infinite's early Multiplayer release and what it...

MiniMapCast #82: Let’s Botch a Zoo

It's a chock full week as Jeremy discusses Guardians of the Galaxy and Let's Build a Zoo, while Kerry dives into Animal Crossing's 2.0...

MiniMapCast #81: Super Marry-Me Odyssey

In this episode, Jeremy was wrong about Guardians of the Galaxy, Kerry Returnaled, and June wants to kill Breathe of the Wild. Jeremy also...

MiniMapCast #80: Jeremy Was Right About Nintendo

This week brings the return of June and their question corner! After trying to guess the top 3 rated Switch games on Metacritic, Kerry...

MiniMapCast #79: Nintendo Are Charging How Much?!?

After discussing The Good Life (not The Good Wife), and talking around the subject of the Outer Wilds DLC, Jeremy and Kerry get into...

MiniMapCast #78: Smash Brother Sora

After discussing the Switch OLED and Metroid Dread, Kerry and Jeremy try to guess if Battlefield 2042 will be successful, before discussing the final...

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Final Fantasy VII: Remake – Review

It’s been more than 5 years since the original reveal of Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Long development times are usually a sign of a...

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