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Summer Game Fest 2022 – MiniMap Reacts

E3 is all but deceased, and yet! We're still here! Welcome to the Summer Game Fest! This is a live stream vod of Jeremy reacting...

MiniMapCast #109: VR’s Weird Future

In This Episode, Jeremy Absolutely Loves Citizen Sleeper, Kerry Kills in Hitman 3 VR, and We Share Our Feelings on the Future of vr...

MiniMapCast #108: Has 2022 Peaked?

Kerry renders his final judgment on Judgment and Jeremy drops a 19-bomb on Apex Mobile before discussing the best game of 2022 so far. Games...

MiniMapCast #107: Star Wars Sentimentality

In this Episode, Kerry talks about his time in V Rising, Jeremy wins the election in Civilization VI, and we share our favourite moments...

MiniMapCast #106: Playstation Plus Unessentials

In this episode, Kery laments some of his choices in Persona 5 Royal, Jeremy plans a heist in Teardown, and we discuss our feelings...

MiniMapCast #105: NFTifa

In this episode, Jeremy talks about how Nintendo Switch Sports isn't as fun as Wii Sports, Kerry continues to solve cases in Judgement, and...

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Final Fantasy VII: Remake – Review

It’s been more than 5 years since the original reveal of Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Long development times are usually a sign of a...

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